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I am due a ESA reassessment now and am expecting the forms to arrive any day now, but my anxiety is already starting to go up thinking about the stress I endured the last time I was reassessed.
Even though my condition had not improved I was moved from the Support group and put into the other the name I cannot remember. I asked for a MR, submitting letters from my Doctor, consultant and MP as supporting evidence.
The MR was refused so I had to appeal which I am happy to say I won. I have a feeling they are going to do that same thing again this time and even thought my condition has worsened with this Covid19 pandemic.
My question is I have been told you cannot appeal twice so what happens if they try to reduced or worse stop my ESA (Support Group) benefits.
And if I have to appeal again how long is it taking. The last time it took over 10 months.
Thanks in advance for any help


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    Hi and welcome to the community

    First of all the re-assessment date is just a guide they can re0-assess from 3 months after your award but your payments will continue until you are re-assessed.

    Currently there seems to be big back log for re-assessments as they are concentrating on new claims so dont be surprised if you dont hear anything soon

    You can appeal more than once you can appeal any decision made this is your right

    Appeals are being done slightly quicker as the tribunals are over the phone where possible but again 10 months wait isnt that long I waited 13 months for mine a couple years back

    Try and not stress use the time to gather your evidence and wait tll the forms arrive before you think about it
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    I'm not sure who told you that you can't appeal a decision more than once, that is ridiculous. Please tell who ever it was that they are not correct. You can appeal a decision as many times as you want.
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    Hi @cldcp00

    I hope these answers helped you.  Do you feel less anxious about it now?  

    Keep us updated with how you get on.