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PIP Stalling on paying out after tribunal win.

AmberLoulabell Member Posts: 1 Listener
So, long story short:
I claimed on May 15th 2018. After an MD the following January (2019), I put in for appeal.
I finally had my appeal, which I won, on May 27th 2020. Over 2 years later.
I wait 6/7 weeks and call PIP for an update because I've not heard anything and they tell me 'the tribunal never sent the decision notice' so they haven't even bothered to look into it and no one let me know so I could chase it up.
In the spirit of getting this dealt with quickly, I post my copy to them the following day, they acknowledge that they received it on July 27th.
I'm still waiting for my first payment and the roughly £9600 they owe me for back pay.
I've called them on average twice a week, responses have been 'a matter of days', 'there's no time frame due to COVID-19' and '2-4 weeks from the time they receive the decision notice'.

My MP was moderately helpful in that he's sent them a letter asking for expedition in this process.
The lady I spoke to today in the appeals department says she'd send the case manager an email and 'hopefully' it could be 7-10 days.

I'm so sick of being messed around at this point. I don't know what else to do, especially if even a letter from the MP won't get them to move a bit faster. My anxiety is spiking, I'm not sleeping properly which is causing me to be in more pain. I thought after the tribunal that the stress would be over. It almost feels like they are doing it deliberately at this point.


  • mikehughescq
    mikehughescq Posts: 8,847 Connected
    To be honest you are not being messed around at all. It is entirely believable that the decision went awol. HMCTS will almost certainly have sent it to DWP but they did so at the exact point when Royal Mail were in disarray during lockdown. Lots of post was delayed and scanning of incoming post onto DWP systems was a low priority. That scanning is outsourced to... Royal Mail. Their priorities, frankly, lay elsewhere. 

    When they receive your copy of the decision things can go one of two ways and they don’t seem to have told you this.

    1 - DWP can reject your copy of the tribunal decision and often do to avoid paying out on decisions that have been tampered with. Most often they simply use its existence to contact HMCTS and say “oy, give us the actual decision”. 

    2 - if your copy is accepted then there is ordinarily a delay of between 2 and 8 weeks before payment. You have barely passed the 2 week mark. When you are ringing you are being connected to mostly outsourced call centres with limited system access. This is because a significant amount of DWP staff are working from home or not working at all and those who are have largely been shifted to decision making. DWP staff in call centres have often been pulled off and re-trained. 

    Ringing twice a week, not withstanding your anxiety, would never change anything anyway but in a pandemic to be honest it’s just adding to queues for people who have bigger issues than waiting for an award they know they will get. When you consider that the people you’re ringing likely won’t have a clue where your payment is; will have no means nor the time to find out and will likely spin any old line to sound credible - which is exactly what it sounds like has been happening - you may also have to consider that your MP has been humouring you. Doing something for the sake of being seen to do something but in reality knowing full well that it will arrive in due course with or without their intervention. 

    So, whilst I fully appreciate your anxiety may be spiking your payment will get processed but you will have to simply be patient. There’s nothing deliberate or spiteful about DWP actions (no I don’t nor ever have worked for them). We’re in a pandemic and things will take as long as they take. As yet though you have barely even passed the 2 week period which is the earliest you might expect payment. Once you’re past the 8 week mark 6 weeks from now then I think you’d have cause to query what’s going on but even then I’d do it in writing so there’s an audit trail. 
  • janer1967
    janer1967 Member Posts: 15,287 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi and welcome to the community and I am sorry that you are still awaiting your payment

    The delay will be as they havent had a copy from the courts and will probably require this before they can do anything. 

    Majority of payments take around 6-8 weeks as this takes into account the 28 days the DWP have to request a statement of reasons and appeal the decision

    However recently lots of members have reported very fast payments after tribunal

    But as above it is just a matter of waiting and I wouldnt really be concerned unless the 8 weeks have passed.

    Constantly ringing will not do your stress any good 
  • Chloe_Scope
    Chloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,557 Disability Gamechanger
    Welcome to the community @AmberLoulabell! I'm so sorry to hear the stress this is causing you. I hope the advice above helps. :)

  • jaknit
    jaknit Member Posts: 27 Connected
    The waiting is the worst, hearing date set 2 weeks ago but all that means is its been passed to a judge, he will work through his cases but they dont specify time. i had butterflies this morning as postman due, after being lied about and lied to by ATOS and DWP my trust is at zero, my paranoia is off the charts. like me all you can do is wait, it could be 4 weeks before you hear. I know there is a pandemic but underneath that we are in a hugely flawed and unfair and extremely stressful process. take heart, seek activity to take your mindofff it, it is a storm, and all storms pass. now im off to practice what i preach and walk past fronr door without checking letterbox . 


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