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How to help

emg5 Member Posts: 6 Listener
edited September 2020 in Autism and neurodiversity
Hello, I have a daughter 6, who is currently on the pathway for an autism assessment. The last week my daughters meltdowns have increased, and she often says shes worried about school. (For context she  didnt do well going into school, academically she was fine but she hated going in. I often had to carry her past the school gates and teachers were pulling her off me). 
One of her big difficulties is change, weve had to change going to a friends party today because both me and her are a bit snotty and due to current situation it's not advisable to mingle. Shes currently having a meltdown and I'm stuck at how to help. I am also at a loss at how to help her feel happier and try to head off the meltdowns before they occur. 
I am still waiting for a parenting class to help, had one booked in before lockdown but no more are being offered as of yet. 

Thank you in advance, sorry for the essay. 



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