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Motor Neurones Disease

TopkittenTopkitten Member Posts: 1,263 Pioneering
I watched TV this week and there was a one hour program about a man turning himself into a Cyborg because of MND. Whilst I can appreciate how dreadful it must be I think it is disgusting that so much time and effort by the health services and electronic companies goes on one single person because, as he says, "he doesn't want to live forever unless he can be normal". It seems these days that people just aren't prepared to live their life as their health dictates and even expect the system to sort out their personal gluttony and alcoholic issues.

The man isn't obviously rich and the NHS footed at least part of the surgery bill for one operation and providing  facilities for others. He and his partner just seem reasonably well of and certainly not so overflowing with money that big electronics companies ask him to pay. Nor is his wheelchair normal as it rises allowing him to stand which must be horrendously expensive. Ofc at least this guy has had a partner caring for him 24/7 at the end of their 40 year relationship (to date).

So, why do I say disgusting? Because so much NHS time and resources go into a single person whose condition is a risk for only 0.3% of the population and the actual suffers much lower. This money and resources could enable many more people to have minor or quick major operations and in-hospital recovery care which would also be life changing or even more research into more easily solved conditions. Why has everyone helped? Good advertising to get on TV for free I suppose and I'm not even taking into account the weeks and months of film crew time and equipment required to make such a program.

We get inundated by TV about helping provide surgeons and surgery for poorer countries when we cannot even support our countries own requirements because of a lack of this, that or other stuff needed to get people healthier and the disabled often get shuffled down the list as they will never be actually able to function in a normal working life (according to healthy people that is).

Who will benefit? Only, as usual, the rich, because they will be the only ones able to afford the surgeries, staff and equipment required. This is never going to be a solution for the masses, only for the privileged few and at the expense of many others.

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    @Topkitten I didn't see this programme but it sounds like an interesting watch.  It's definitely a subject that will raise differing opinions and the topic of who is deserving of healthcare is a contentious one.  

    I wonder if anyone else managed to see this and what they thought?
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