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Looking for ASD participants for my study

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Hi Everyone, 

Overview: Hi everyone, I hope you all are well? I hope you don't mind me posting this post to your page, I myself am autistic. This study is a precursor to a new possible diagnosis tool for individuals (primarily female) whom camouflage their autism. This current study will us the evidence required to making this possible.

Link to study - https://derby.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3Wz0MAbAtXLg8ap

Please note: In this study, empathy refers to communicating, understanding and reading emotions and not how empathetic we are (i.e. being able to feel emotions (ASD individuals have this; Some ASD individuals are the kindest people we know)). Also, when we refer to Mimicking, this word (in this sense) refers to learning to imitate (develop a copy strategy). No offence is attended by this study and the title.

Invitation to Participate

Dear Participant,

Please take part in a research study that is being conducted as part of our MSc Psychology postgraduate qualification from the University of Derby. Stephen Ben Morris is the facilitator of this research study.

The research study is about autism and empathy. The study is called ‘Autism and Social Camouflaging: Can adults on the autistic spectrum learn to mimic empathy?’ Our aim is to explore the relationship between self-empathy and empathy regulation.

We believe that some of you might also be interested in this area of research and willing to contribute to it by filling in the questionnaire. To help answer these questions, we would like you to fill out a brief questionnaire related to self-reported empathy, empathy regulation and social desirability. If you would like to participate in the research, please click on ‘on the link below’ and a ‘Participant Information’ form will appear followed by the Consent form and the questionnaire.

Criteria includes:

  • 18+ (because of ethical reasons)
  • UK resident
  • ASD diagnosed
  • Neurotypical
  • Access to a head set/speakers (some questions are video clips)

For any queries or questions related to the study please contact Stephen Ben Morris through the contact details given below:

Student contacts:
[email protected]              

Tutor contact:
d.petronzi @derby.ac.uk

We look forward to your cooperation and hope you might find it an interesting experience.

Best wishes,
Stephen Ben Morris

Follow this link to the Survey:




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