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This is just a method I found years ago for helping to make a choice when you have several alternatives to choose from. I thought I’d share it with you because it may be of use to someone. These examples are simple things we might want to do but this method really comes in useful when the alternatives are more complex and you may find yourself befuddled by them. This may help to clarify things.


Paint, walk, ski, read, write

Combinations. Just pair each one systematically left to right.

Paint, walk. Paint, ski. Paint, read. Paint, write

Walk, ski. Walk, read. Walk, write 

Ski, read. Ski, write

Read, write

Scoring. Place a 1 against the one of the pair you prefer.

Paint walk 1. Paint 1 ski. Paint read1. Paint 1 write

Walk 1 ski. Walk 1 read. Walk 1 write

Ski read1. Ski write1

Read 1 write.

Scores.  Add up the scores for each choice.

Walk 4 the winner is go for a walk. 

Read 2

Paint 2

Write 1

Ski 0

This method can also be used to prioritise a list of actions.

Hope it helps sometime ?

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