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Disability Discrimination In the workplace tribunal update

cupcake88 Posts: 1,240 Pioneering
edited September 2020 in Work and employment
Hi every one I know a few of you have seen my posts of discrimination I went threw at work . It was my first job in years after taking sick when I felt abit better . I was very honest bout my mental I’llnesses I even told them I was under a mental health team I was told that was no problem and how they were supportive this turned out to be a lie . I wasn’t there long but I experienced , disability discrimination in extreme ways by staff members and 2 managers and then the owners . After a stressful 8 months and them making Up all there hurtful lies they decided clearly they wouldn’t have a chance in court they clearly thought I would drop the case . With my mental illness there was times where I was like I can’t carry on with this this is too much stress but I carried on .

i wasn’t entitled to free legal help because of my partners income and with employment law you usually have to pay for it they only take on big big money cases I was told for free  . I had no money to Employ a solicitor I had the support of a support worker and my nurse who told me my rights i also did get a hour of free legal help . 

I knew what they did to me was wrong I knew that as a mentally ill women there was a chance I would have to be face to face with there hr , there owners and some fancy lawyer , I stuck to my guns prepared my own case with help . I knew they have no case there me was to just criticise my self and use my illness against me to why I was bullied so they have no case in my eyes . 

I cant say to much but what I will say is it didn’t go to pre hearing in the end I turned down a few of there offers till we met at a sensible figure .

it was because of one bully to why I’m now mentally I’ll and I refuse to now let bullies think they can act like this and it be ignored . It’s disgusting how not only people with disabilities are treated but a lot of other people for different reasons and these employers think they can get away with it . I received no apologie but I dented there wallets like they knocked back my mental health recovery and how they treated me . They made out they were concerned about my mental health to why they were settling yes of course they were concerned ha concerned bout them selves . 

If your in work and you have great employers than that’s really amazing but if your going threw bullying in the work place and nothing is done the owners or managers don’t care or they bully as well please don’t be scared to take it further yes it’s draining yes it’s upsetting but they won the battle I won the war . 

If any one is going threw this I’m always here to show support and advise where I can with out giving to many details in my particular case but I have been threw it and it’s hard but worth it . 

I also don’t believe I would of got that far If it wasn’t for every ones support on here professional support and a caring ear support it’s really appreciate xxxx 



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