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Hi, my name is Jolouise88!

Jolouise88 Member Posts: 3 Listener
Morning all, 
I really do need help. I am in agony! My legs from my thighs right to my toes is just getting worse week by week! It’s throbbing but aching at the same time. The burning and stabbing pain in my feet is just getting horrendous and some days like today I’m getting sharp stabbing pains in my thigh.
my muscles cramp randomly and it takes my breath away a bit! Night times I wake up to cramp and I get this pain in my right heel, feels like a knife is in my foot. My arms and hands ache and shooting pains go through my shoulder down my arm to my hand right through my thumb. My hands are stiff all the time and it hurts to even put my hand in a fist.
I’m either too cold or to hot. Can’t find that in between! Drives me insane!!
I’ve always suffered with headaches migraines & in sept 2013 I ended up in hospital with viral meningitis. Since then I’ve never been the same and was diagnosed with chronic daily migraines. I do have to say though since taking the pregablin they have calmed down a fair bit.
I went to the doctors when it started getting bad in Sept 19. In jan 2020 the doctor put me on pregablin and codiene and sertraline. And started treating me for fibromyalgia. 
I’m now upto 600mg pregablin 60mg codiene & 100mg sertraline and on really bad days it doesn’t even touch the pain!
I guess what I’m asking is would you looking at my symptoms steer more toward peripheral neuropathy than fibromyalgia. I have had blood tests done also which have come back all clear. I am just rattling my brain continuously as to what this is. I don’t want to go back to the doctor with ‘could it be peripheral neuropathy’, which is where any help and advice from diagnosed sufferers will come in to help me out and rule other chronic pain conditions out.

thankyou for reading and look forward to speaking with you all x



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