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End of contract

My contract ended on Friday and I've now been in my current rented property for Just over a year. A few weeks ago I applied to rent a property 2 doors down from my Mum and in the same square as my 3 brothers. They are a tremendous support for me even though I'm 2 miles away from them. My mum is going down hill fast, now in a wheelchair and with dimensia creeping in. However the housing agent who got me this house turned me down. Said a better offer came in. It totally knocked me for six as I just assumed she would do the decent thing. But alas some people live their life by the pound and she obviously thought I wasn't good enough for this property despite never missing a rent date and offering to pay a year in advance. She knows I have mental health problems too. The sad thing is is that the couple who did get the house are in benefits too.
So (sorry for the long introduction) I am now looking to rent elsewhere. There aren't a lot of options but if I spread the net further there are better and more numerous opportunities. Could I forfeit the support of my family to move further away? I don't know legally where I stand. I know once the year is up you go into a month to month contract. My agent hasn't contacted me but I'm sure she will be soon trying to tie me down to another year's contract. I paid a month upfront so now I'm into another year so I pay me rent at the start of the month or end of? What happens if I get another place? Do I forfeit the month I just paid? Also can the LL ask me to leave if I refuse to sign another year's contract? 


  • woodbine
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    Sadly landlords are first and foremost business people, it's becoming more and more difficult to find a private LL who will rent to people on benefits, if you find another property then you just give a months notice, I assume you paid a deposit? I suspect you might be better staying within 2 miles of your support network as opposed to moving away.
    If you need housing advice shelter are a good place to start.
    Be extra nice to new members.
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,401 Disability Gamechanger

    I'm sorry to hear this. Yes, sometimes in areas where they are more than multiple applications for the same property they will put it as bidding offers and the best offer will usually win.

    Regarding your tenancy agreeement. Some tenancies move onto 1 month rolling contracts once the year is up, mine has always been this way. Some agencies/landlords ask you to sign another contract but it toally depends on landlords/agencies. I would advise you to contact them to ask them this.

    If your contract is month on rolling then usually you will need to give 1 month notice if you plan to end your tenancy. If however, you're asked to sign another tenancy agreement for a specific length of time and you leave before the end of the tenancy agreement then you need to pay the money owed for the months you should have been there.

    Good luck with finding something suitable and hopefully next time you'll be successful.
  • TeddyB22
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    So I'd be better paying at the start of the month as I have been?
    Most available properties are available now and I'm assuming they aren't going to rent to someone who says they have a month's contract to see out first. 
    Thanks for your replies. 
  • poppy123456
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    edited October 2020
    You should conitnue to pay your rent at the time you've always paid it and you'll still need to give 1 months notice to your current landlord. All landlords/agencies will be aware of this when you find another suitable property.


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