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Cars and driving

66Mustang66Mustang Community Co-Production Group Posts: 5,103 Disability Gamechanger
I’m just lazily regurgitating another topic I made in the past as I’m keen to see what the current regulars have to share! :)

This thread is about cars and driving. Please share any interesting car or driving related stories you have... :smiley:

Or maybe share something like what your dream car is! (Mine is a Ford Mustang but I am aware they are very impractical in the UK so here I think I would choose a Lotus Elise.)

Driving is probably my biggest passion and I love doing it. I go out for a drive every day if I can, with a family member. Whenever someone needs to go somewhere I will offer to drive them (as long as it’s not too far and involving dual carriageways/motorways!). I have also driven modern sports cars and classic cars on race tracks in the past. However I am no “driving god”, I am actually quite a nervous driver and am especially not good at reversing!! Once Covid is over I am actually thinking about paying for a couple of driving lessons to focus on parking, I’m that bad :D.

I do appreciate not everyone is lucky enough to be able to drive and by making this thread I don’t intend to cause any offence to anyone who is not able to do so.

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts. :)


  • 66Mustang66Mustang Community Co-Production Group Posts: 5,103 Disability Gamechanger
    Some pictures of a classic Mustang I drove and one with me driving it. Sorry if they are really big, I’m not used to uploading pictures.
  • janer1967janer1967 Member Posts: 11,210 Disability Gamechanger
    I used to love driving and today have surrendered my licence tho I gaunt driven for 3 years 

    I had a crash on my driving test someone went into back of me and the examiner had to walk back to test centre also had crash with unmarked police car a detective rushing out of police station  straight into me 

    My favourite car to drive was my convertible Peugeot but our weather wasnt the best to take advantage 
  • chiariedschiarieds Community Co-Production Group Posts: 9,254 Disability Gamechanger
    Please can I have a Porsche? I've always fancied one!
    I've driven a smallish brown Fiat (? Fiorino) van; sorry I'm not very good with model names from a long time ago, & this was from about 1988, which I liked, & a much bigger VW van circa 1990, which I didn't like much, but felt quite accomplished when I managed to drive the 'Orange Bomber,' as we called it, well.
    Sorry, I will stop talking about vans! As far as cars go, the best one we ever had was a few weeks old limited edition red Toyota Corolla sports car, which we bought in 1995. Close to home I got to drive it on the first day; my family still retells the time I went round a nasty bend on 2 wheels (not really, but it felt like it to them). I loved driving it, as it was so responsive.
    Then we got a Subaru Impreza, which I found uncomfortable as a passenger, & had no wish to drive.
    15 years after I'd stopped driving, my then separated from husband came down to show off his new Yaris, which he had difficulty starting; he was rather surprised I started it without any problem. As I hadn't driven for so long, he suggested I just drove on some country roads. Due to him mis-directing me, we ended up on the A66, rather a busy road & a notorious 'black spot!'
    I also loved driving. I haven't had any crash incidents, but perhaps I'm the only person to have been 'run over' on the Channel Island of Sark, where cars are not allowed. A tractor ran over my foot; thankfully no bones were broken!
  • 66Mustang66Mustang Community Co-Production Group Posts: 5,103 Disability Gamechanger
    @janer1967 thanks for the post. Someone crashing into you on your driving test is unfortunate!! I agree about the convertibles. Apparently in the UK we have the most convertibles per head in Europe but on average we only use them 6 days a year with the top down!!
  • 66Mustang66Mustang Community Co-Production Group Posts: 5,103 Disability Gamechanger
    @chiarieds great stories thanks for sharing them!

    Vans are more than welcome here, motorbikes as well, anything that you can drive!! I would be quite scared of driving a van or even just a large car as I’ve only ever driven small cars on the public roads. I have a lot of respect for lorry drivers who are able to negotiate tight roads and farm tracks!!

    Very fortunate that you have such a good history of cars and no crashes to report! :) That’s a good claim to fame about being run over as well, ha ha, I hope it didn’t hurt too much.
  • deb74deb74 Member Posts: 766 Pioneering
    WOW! @66Mustang. That mustang is amazing. I am a complete petrol head. I would really love a Chevrolet Camara but it would have to be a classic one as I don't like the new ones. I would also love a Porsche 911 Targa. (in my dreams)!
  • 66Mustang66Mustang Community Co-Production Group Posts: 5,103 Disability Gamechanger
    Nice choice, I like those as well but agree with you on the classics, I think they have a bit more character. :)

    I was never that interested in Porsche - mainly because they are expensive and I know I wouldn’t be able to afford one  :D. However I got the chance to drive a (older) Porsche on the dame day as the Mustang, it’s the white one that you can just see in the background of the third Mustang picture, and I am totally converted!! Absolutely fantastic cars. :) It put a lot of modern cars to shame. I can only imagine what a modern Porsche is like to drive. Just a shame they are so expensive haha!!!
  • deb74deb74 Member Posts: 766 Pioneering
    Hi @66Mustang. Sorry only just seen your message. I Know that a Porsche  is very expensive but we can all dream!
  • 66Mustang66Mustang Community Co-Production Group Posts: 5,103 Disability Gamechanger
    Sorry @deb74, I should have tagged you in my post! I agree though!:smiley:
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