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I can't get adaptions for my disability

invisibledisability Member Posts: 6 Listener
Hi, I broke my back several years ago, or should I say a surgeon messed up, which led to my back breaking.  Anyway, my condition is a bit odd.  I have struggled to sit for 17 years, since my surgery 10 years ago I only sit to eat and do short drives.

To be able to walk other than the downstairs of my house and garden requires the use of two sticks.  My standing is also very poor.  Staying in one position for any length of time results in severe pain, so I have to keep changing position.  My arms are starting to suffer with carrying my weight (I weigh 8 stones). Standing electric scooters are illegal on pavements and usually have two wheels and are meant for city driving.  Four wheeled versions that can go on country paths cost thousands are often made abroad and I will struggle to get repairs done in this country.  These scooters weight a lot so I will need a hoist in my car.  As people have been less than kind to me, I tend to take my little dogs everywhere with me as emotional support so, I want them to fit in the boot of the car too (I lie down on the back seat of the car for longer journeys of 30 whilst my husband drives) so they can't go on the back seat.  To get a car big enough and to suit my needs requires an advance payment of approx £3500 on PIP, so add this to the money required to buy a scooter and I will be broke.  I cannot use a sitting mobility scooter as by the time I have driven somewhere, there is no way I can sit to use one because the pain is so bad and it takes a while to calm down.

My pain comes on so fast when I am out that I end up on the floor stranded so I need a solution to my problem as I am getting stranded in pain on a regular basis.  I am very determined and want to live my life as best I can so I keep trying to go out and enjoy the countryside, even if I don't get very far - I have been stranded for so long in pain I almost became hypothermic last winter as I was on the floor for so long in sub-zero temperatures.

There seems to be no solution for me

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciaed.

invisibledisability x.



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