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lindyloo42 Member Posts: 22 Listener
Hi I applied for pip March 2019 got turned down the form was filled in by my friend who didn’t put any details in the original form, I got a telephone assessment the person asked me about my depression and on percentage off how much I get good days I said 60 percent good days I was very  anxious during the call they said I appeared not  anxious. Anyway I got confused and should have said 60 bad days not that my depression goes away . Am in the middle of a tribunal and I don’t know if I can say to them that I meant to say 60 percent bad days ? Also on the original form for pip my friend ticked no to preparing a simple meal I did know what promoting meant at the time and she didn’t read any off the things relating to preparing a simple meal as I do need prompting with this 60 percent off the time I don’t know if I can say that either I feel I have messed it all up as I didn’t get help to fill in the form properly. I just don’t know what to say now and I don’t want to be made out that am lying is anyone been through the same or someone could give me some info on what to do xx


  • lindyloo42
    lindyloo42 Member Posts: 22 Listener
    Sorry my friend ticked yes I can prepare simple meal when I fact I do need help with this on days I can not 
  • janer1967
    janer1967 Member Posts: 15,244 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi and welcome 

    The tribunal will ask about how your condition affects you so yes you need to say how it is 

    Explain about how you didnt understand the form or what your friend put without explaining to you 

    Also how due to stress you didnt answer the assessors questions correctly 

    Good luck fingers crossed for you 
  • lindyloo42
    lindyloo42 Member Posts: 22 Listener
    Thank you much 
  • chiarieds
    chiarieds Community Co-Production Group Posts: 12,267 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @lindyloo42 - with a tribunal, as mentioned, they will ask you about activities of daily living &/mobility, & how your disability affects you with regard to these. However, if you have time before your tribunal, I think it would be an idea to get some local advice about this. You can try the following link, then put your postcode in, & 'Welfare benefits,' to find what may be near you. Please see:
    It would be better to explain, just as you have here, about the errors that have occurred with your PIP claim & assessment, before your tribunal, putting this in writing, & perhaps you may get local advice with this. :)

  • lindyloo42
    lindyloo42 Member Posts: 22 Listener
    I will have a look thank you. I’ve answered a lot of the questions wrong they asked if I had debts I said no when I do I just wanted the call to be over I was stressed and up all night worrying about the assessment 


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