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Would you like a solution for your online shopping delivery problems?

Good Morning,

Being mainly housebound I do the majority of my shopping online. When the courier with my order rings my doorbell I am frequently unable to physically get to the door due to my disabilities, which often results in my order being taken back as undelivered, or simply left at my front door for all the world to see. Or sometimes a card will come through my letterbox saying my order has been put in a ‘safe place’, which is frustrating when I can’t leave the house, or the ‘safe place’ is not accessible in my wheelchair.

What I really wanted was to control how my online shopping was delivered to my home at my convenience, and not that of the courier. This resulted in me designing a ‘Parcel Delivery Pod’ that would be installed by my front door, and would be Contactless, User Inclusive & Eco-Friendly. I called my design it ‘Big Box Pod’ as it can take big boxes and its like having your own ‘Post Box’ right outside your front door.

All I would need when placing an order would be to add the access code for the pod to my ‘Delivery Instructions’ which the courier would enter into a digital lock when making the delivery. I would then as normal receive an email confirming my delivery has been delivered, at which point I could choose when I went to collect my parcel in my own time, or ask someone else to get it for me if I was unable to.

I would like to ask the community if they would find a product like this useful in receiving their own online deliveries, and what features it should include to cater for all types of disability? In addition, I would like to get a greater understanding of the problems people have experienced when receiving online shopping orders to their homes?

Many thanks for reading my post and I look forward to your responses.

Have a great day,


Big Box Pods



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