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Back in work

Hi there ~ Really hoping someone lovely here could help me? Thank you so much. I have been receiving PIP and ESA  and housing benefit since I was doing my degree at home. I receive lower rate mobility for PIP.
I actually recently was re-awarded this at tribunal this year. Since then, I have been gainfully employed as an activities coordinator in an old peoples home for those who have dementia. They thought I was great for the job, because obviously I have experience of being in hospital myself Disability is for complex mental health including anoerxia. And I have a lot of experience of therapy and how to help others in this way also. I am creative and kind. I know what it is like and I know how to treat people and to help them feel better about acceptance of living with a condition. and also with simple exercises like drawing and talking to them. Because they are understaffed, I have also been asked to be involved with personal care. They are still currently employing a lot of people, so this is likely to change to my initial role. I do not believe this has changed my descriptors which are that I do not eat properly or without prompting and washing and bathing and dressing are still requiring prompting and assistance.

Regardless, I’ve heard that Pip is non-means tested.

I still don’t know if that means they will reassess me or not. Or itv they interview my employer - I would love to know all about this please. My employers do not officially know that I have a disability, just that I am a sensitive creative and caring person with a lot of experience helping others.

Secondly, of course I have to live. I have been on and worked out that I would be entitled to £57 per week working tax credit. And £71 per week local housing allowance. I am not aware what local housing allowance is or why this is not the same as housing benefit which my calculation says I will no longer be entitled to. Neither do I know how to obtain local housing allowance. Or whether it is reliable.

I understand that I would no longer receive ESA.

I live in mid Suffolk. I would love to know if somebody could help me with any information here and what I am meant to do or say and to whom. Please and thank you so much


  • fieldsofnew
    fieldsofnew Member Posts: 46 Listener
    I am working 39 hours per week at £9 per hour and am single - live alone with no dependants or savings I am 34 years old and was receiving  the SDP. 
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 23,764 Disability Gamechanger

    May i just ask you to confirm what PIP award you have exactly because you said you're claiming lower rate mobility but there's no lower rate mobility, it's standard or Enhanced. Do you have a daily living award?

    Do you also still claim housing benefit and ESA?

    I will be able to help you further once you've answered that question.
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 23,764 Disability Gamechanger
    edited October 2020
    Ok, i've just looked back at your other threads and can see that you're claiming at least the daily living part of PIP so that's good. I'm assuming you're no longer claiming ESA because you're working full time hours. Are you still receiving housing benefit or did that stop at as well? If it's stopped when did it stop please?


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