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Do you have any thoughts on countryside tourism access?

MillyRees1 Member Posts: 1 Listener
edited November 2020 in Research and opportunities
I am a student at Surrey University. I am doing a consultancy project for Kent Council, in particular improving the accessibility and potential marketing strategies for disabled needs. They have already proposed to implement a changing places toilet at one of their country parks. However, if you have a disability or are a carer and have visited a country park, we would love to hear what your thought are! We have constructed a survey with all optional questions which can be found here

If you have never engaged with countryside tourism or activities, then you can fill out the survey questions according to any tourist destination! Just tick “no” when the survey asks if you have ever been to a country park.

Any contributions would be hugely appreciated. We want to gain a real understanding of what your opinions are when going on day trips or holidays. 

Thank you! 



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