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Home again.Thankfully.

Dragonslayer Member Posts: 2,044 Pioneering
It's been a week now since I was on here. 
I've spent the last week in hospital having my back operation. It was only supposed to be a couple of days. But it didn't go to full plan and I had to spend three days after the OP. laying flat on my back. Now I am back home in lots of pain and finding it even harder to walk than it was before. Lots of pills to pop and what seems to be a long recovery ahead. I didn't take my tablet with me and so spent a long week looking at the four walls. No visitors allowed because of the Covid restrictions, so pretty miserable. One decent thing I had my own room in a private hospital paid for by the NHS. Decent food and great staff. The OP. on November 4th was cancelled last March because of Covid. Now I'm told I was the last OP. allowed because of the new restrictions. 
Did I win? Let's hope so. Time will tell.
Still it's good to be back on here. 



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