Lcwra reassessment

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I had my reassessment just over 9 weeks ago and still haven't heard anything yet, has anyone had there's and can give me an idea of how long they are taking 


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    There's no timescales for any decision, backlogs are just part of the reason a decision can be delayed. Sometimes reports are sent to audit, if this happens it can delay sending your report back to DWP and the decision can't be made until it's been returned.

    You can of course ring DWP to ask if the report has been returned. If it hasn't then ring the Health Assessment Advisory Service and ask what's going on and they will tell you what's happening.

    I'm sorry i can't be more specific but it's really like asking how long is a piece of string.

    Hopefully you're not waiting too much longer.

    Edit to add.... if you already have LCWRA then your payments won't stop because it's an ongoing award until the decision on your review is made.

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    All the best with the assessment @Ashleyb1, hopefully it's not much longer now.