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What's your Karaoke masterpiece/go to song?

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I've been doing Karaoke for years, since late 1993 as I recall when I went to a Karaoke night one Sunday at a Pub in Cleethorpes, I was nervous at first and wouldn't go on solo, but I did a duet with my House Parent from College, me as Kenny Rogers to her Dolly Parton on "Islands in the Stream", discovered I'm not tone deaf and been hooked ever since!

Nowadays my go to song would be "Bat out of hell" by Meat Loaf as I know it off by heart, in fact I know most of his old hits off by heart. I've also done "Nights in White Satin" by the Moody Blues and "Night Games" by Graham Bonnet amongst others,

So what do you guys like to sing at Karaoke nights?



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