article in the bbc, scope involved

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I read an article in the bbc about 2 weeks ago, it explained a lot about the life of been disabled, and it mentioned it was worked on with scope. The article made me happy that finally a mainstream media outlet published something like this and I want to say thanks to those from scope who were involved.


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    Hello @worried33, how are you? 

    Thank you so much for sharing, do you have a link to the article?

    Scope is always trying to push for equality for disabled people, and it's great that there was collaboration with the BBC on that piece.
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    Hi Ross sorry for not responding, the article is here, Scope is mentioned twice.

    Screenshot I gave people when sharing.
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    @worried33 I read that its good that scope were mentioned i like the one where scope said disability was underestimated which it is there is alot of disability that can't be seen 

    I am a member of dementia friends and always trying to raise awareness