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Showcasing our bloggers on International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2020

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This Thursday (3 December 2020) is a special day for disabled people worldwide as we come together to celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.  

This annual event, organised by the United Nations, draws attention to the inequalities disabled people endure and pushes for a more inclusive environment to benefit all.

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Amplifying our disabled members voices

To mark this special day, we asked our young disabled members to share their personal blogs with us so we could promote them more widely.

However, the response we received was so enthusiastic that we wanted to include everyone today, and not just those lucky young chicks who happen to be under 25!

Therefore, in no particular order, comes a list of blogs from some regular faces that speak to the reality of being disabled in 2020 and the fight for equality that still exists.

Members blogs

Chloe Tear – Our @Chloe_Scope kicks us off with her award-winning disability blog covering life with Cerebral palsy, visual impairment and everything in-between.

Undercover Superhero – New mum @Ami2301 shares her story of becoming disabled and the highs and lows of life with multiple impairments.

Xboxmanblog – Sees @MrAllen1976 tell us about his daily life, unlucky lottery ticket run and love for all things gaming and taekwondo.  

Hannah’s Hope – By @HDeakin is a blog covering a variety of topics that she describes as, “being about my journey, supporting others and raising awareness”.

Inclusive Living Concepts – From @Lucy411 is a blog dedicated to her passion for improving inclusion.  Lucy discusses life with Cerebral palsy and employing Personal Assistants (PAs) as-well as a host of other good stuff.  

Lorenzo – Is from @AwesomeLorenzo.  In it, Lorenzo describes navigating college-life while having undiagnosed dyspraxia and the difficulties this brought.  

Guest blogs

Besides these we have our very own Guest Blogs category filled with an array of different issues, written about by disabled people.  Give it a peek to see if you can relate.

Over to you:

• Do you have a blog we haven’t mentioned, if so give us a shout!
• Do you have any message to send to our resident bloggers?
• Would you like to take up blogging and need tips?

Let us know.

Also, remember to check out Scope’s social media accounts, on Facebook and Twitter, for more updates on International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2020.  
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