'It almost feels as though I’ll struggle to find work again despite my best efforts' — Scope | Disability forum
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'It almost feels as though I’ll struggle to find work again despite my best efforts'

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edited December 2020 in Work and employment
In a recent blog post on Scope's website, Tom spoke of his fears about struggling to find another job:
I have Cerebral Palsy which primarily affects my mobility, dexterity and balance.  

I have right-sided weakness so use a crutch-style walking aid to get around most days.  

I'm unable to drive so rely primarily on my parents to get to appointments and other events I would have attended before the coronavirus restrictions.  

I have concerns about coping financially

I was employed up until March when my temporary contract as a Data Analyst sadly ended. Before that, I’d just finished my Master’s degree in Social Research Methods.  

I am currently looking for work and have been since the end of March. The pandemic has definitely made it harder; it almost feels as though I’ll struggle to find work again despite my best efforts and willingness to work.  

The availability of jobs has added to this stress, but even jobs that are available I am struggling to make inroads with.  

I have concerns about how I’m going to cope financially, especially in the coming months as my savings start to be used up if I continue to struggle finding stable long-term employment.  

It feels as though my condition is a factor in not getting jobs  

I have found the whole process challenging. The constant applying and waiting for sometimes months to hear back from potential employers is disheartening, particularly the many rejections.  

I think employers are sometimes reluctant to employ or interview me which is unfortunate as I would relish the opportunity.  

I'm not sure whether my condition is a factor in not getting jobs but it definitely feels as though it might be, based upon the sorts of things I apply for and then often don't hear back.

The Government should be more supportive of disabled jobseekers

I would like to see a more positive approach to employing disabled people.  

I want to see more consistent opportunities for disabled people at all levels with more support to get us into the workplace where we can make valid and worthwhile contributions.  

The Government should consult more with disabled people and tailor the policies with us in mind. And boost our representation in government where the decisions are being made that will impact our futures.  

They need to listen to us and support us in order for disabled people to get into and maintain meaningful work. 

Are you worried about finding a job? Has the coronavirus pandemic made you more worried about finding a job? 

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