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An introduction to The Movement Centre

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Q&A with The Movement Centre

The Movement Centre is a UK charity and specialist treatment centre based in Oswestry, Shropshire that works to support disabled children living with conditions that can impact movement control, such as:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Global Developmental Delay
  • Down’s Syndrome

They work closely with families to provide children with targeted training therapy, which can support children towards gaining control of their movement., learning new skills and developing independence. Like Scope, The Movement Centre believes that each and every child deserves equal access to education, technology and play time.

What is targeted training?

Targeted training involves using a specialised standing frame to place the child in an upright position, giving them the appropriate stability and support throughout the process.

Equipment is taken home, along with a specialist Programme, which gives guidance on how to deliver targeted training at home on a daily basis for 30 minutes.

It consists of a 12 month course, combining the use of a specialist standing frame and physiotherapy. It works by placing the child in an upright position and the standing frame provides stability and support. The support happens directly beneath the area where movement control is a challenge. As progress is made the level of support may be lowered. The process mirrors the way in which movement control is naturally developed; from the head downwards. 

We need your questions

The lovely people at The Movement Centre have kindly agreed to answer any questions you may have for them. The questions could be about anything, such as:

  • The work they do
  • Targeted training therapy
  • The families and children at the heart of it all

To submit a question, you can either comment on this thread, send me a message on the community or email [email protected] and we will compile the answers in a post at a later date.


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