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Buying age rated video games for underage kids, I know it's highly illegal but should people do it?

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Due to increasingly high demand, adults are buying age rated games such as Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto for under age kids, I personally don't think it's appropriate for such as a 6 year old to play COD, not to mention the fact that knowingly buying it for a underage child is highly illegal and the buyer and the shop should be prosecuted as such IMO.

Do you guys agree?

Buying age rated video games for underage kids, I know it's highly illegal but should people do it? 2 votes

woodbine[Deleted User] 2 votes
Yes but I do it anyway to keep the kids sweet


  • 66Mustang
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    I don’t really know. I think 6 is far too young to be playing Call of Duty but buying it for a teenager is perhaps less bad if that makes sense. I started playing certificated games (and watching films) when I was about 3 years younger than the certificate, so 12 for a 15 game, and started on the 18 ones when I was about 15.

    To be honest the most offensive or dangerous content I have come across is not from the games themselves but from other gamers on online games. People on the online gaming community can be highly aggressive and we are not just talking petty insults but serious racism, homophobia and such are all fair game - even death threats are a common occurrence. For this reason I think it needs to be considered whether under 18s should be allowed access to voice chat and things like that.
  • OverlyAnxious
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    Depends on the age for me as well, buying games for teens is fine, no idea how I'd have got through school without some of those games to play afterwards.

    I was playing San Andres and Vice City at around 11/12 I think.  Was also playing war games like CoD and Medal of Honor a year or two after.  I don't think a 6 year old would be interested or able to play the game would they?  I don't have kids so may be wrong there.
  • [Deleted User]
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    My 12 year old nephew plays Minecraft and Fortnite, both are appropriate for the age group IMO.

  • woodbine
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    My answer is no, imho children aren't children for long today, we must do all that is possible to protect them and allow them to enjoy a safe and protected childhood. That includes not exposing them to anything that is inappropriate for their age, if something is classified as only appropriate for someone over 15(for example) then a parent or whoever should risk being fined for buying it for someone who is under-age.
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