Listen to Sophie's story about sex and MS on STIQ Day.

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What is STIQ Day about?

The sexual and reproductive health of disabled people is a topic that can be hush hush.  Shrouded in taboo, the sex lives of people with impairments can be assumed non-existent, non sensual or inferior to non-disabled peers.  These inaccurate assumptions make STIQ Day 2021 a great opportunity to learn more, as we join in raising awareness of the sexual health and wellbeing of disabled people.  

What can stop disabled people having fulfilling sex lives?

Sophie was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis at the age of 27 years old.  In this video, produced by the team at Enhance the UK’s ‘Undressing disability’ campaign, she tells her story about being frustrated at not having the same sexual rights as non-disabled others.   

What support is available to help improve my sex life?

Sophie’s powerful story captures more than any words on a screen, the reality of being disabled and experiencing barriers to sexual fulfilment.  This social injustice sums up the scale of work that remains to be done publicly to achieve sexual equality for disabled people.
Positively, there are a number of support services out there should you want confidential guidance, advice or more info about all things sex.
• The team at Enhance the UK’s ‘Undressing disability’ are doing ground-breaking work in bringing to the fore disabled people’s sexual rights.  You can visit, and sign-up, to their free disability hub to see articles, listen to podcasts and chat to others on their online forum.  
• If you have learning difficulties, Mencap’s Sexuality, friendships and relationships webpage has links to befriending information, frequently asked questions and other resources.
• The Sexual health team’s webpage has more information for people with learning difficulties, including easy-read leaflets about contraception.
• This ‘Why can’t disabled people have a sex life?’ article is an interesting read, with Caroline, a wheelchair user tackling the myths about disabled sex.
In addition to these, feel free to visit our National Sexual health week thread for more resources and post any sex-related questions on our Dating and relationships discussion board.

Over to you:

Do you have a question about sex and relationships you want to ask?  Did Sophie’s story resonate with you?
Feel free to leave your comments and questions below ?