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feeling low and lonely

for the past few weeks my husband hasn,t spoken to be because of us always agrue that iam lazy and the house is a mess. we got married in 2015 and its both our 2nd marriages things were fine until we got married then it all seemed to go wrong. i moved in to his house from swansea to port talbot and its never been the same, i was working up until lately and lost my job due to failing to show up and my employers didn,t renew my contract, things haven,t been good for the last few years and i have found it hard to bring myself to get up some mornings over the last few years i have dealt with losing my dad in 2016 and then my mum in 2020. i find my husband doesn,t really understand me and he,s never asked why iam so down and worn out and never really wanting to do anything. all he ever does is have ago at me for being lazy and i feel so lonely and no one to talk to.


  • Adrian_Scope
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    Hi @freddie17, I'm sorry to read how lonely you feel at the moment. It sounds like you've been struggling for quite a while now. Have you expressed how you're feeling to your husband at all? Sometimes people don't notice (or would rather not acknowledge) the challenges the people around them are facing.
    Aside from your marriage, it really sounds like you could do with some additional support. Have you sought any grief counselling or mental health support from your GP?
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  • Ross_Scope
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    Hi @freddie17

    Welcome to the community, thanks for sharing how you are feeling right now. 

    I'm sorry to hear about the passing of your parents, that sounds like a very difficult thing to deal with such a short time apart. If you still feel as though the loss is impacting you, you might wish to consider grief counselling, which you can find out about here on the NHS website.

    The situation with your husband sounds very stressful, firstly I just want to check if you feel safe? Remember that if you ever don't, you should leave right away and go to a loved one or friend. 

    I'm not sure how much of these feelings you have discussed with your husband, but if the relationship is something you want to continue and work on, I would suggest talking things over in detail and finding out how you both feel. If you think you might need further help, marriage counselling may be a good option.

    Lastly, you didn't mention, but do you have any children together?
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