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Need help with UC entitlements please

cammz Member Posts: 8 Listener
Hi, I'm in a very worried state atm. I'm planning to move in with my partner and rent a new place together, I'm currently on UC lcwra and DLA middle care and lower mobility, I don't play rent as live with parents. My partner works full time, but she's pregnant and will be on maternity leave in 5 months. 

Currently I receive £538 UC and 320ish DLA , my partner is on a low wage (12k)and won't get a lot of maternity pay. We also have under 6k savings.From what I can see most older benefits etc are all gone now and it's only UC? Could we get our rent paid if we live together? Are we and to get any extra benefits? The online benefit calculator is very confusing, it shows my partner would get maybe £500 a month on maternity and that is all ☹️

Tbh it feels like we are being punished for wanting to be together and happy. If the calculators are correct, we would both live comfortably desperately but struggle if we live together...?


  • janer1967
    janer1967 Member Posts: 15,956 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi and welcome 

    Moving in together wont affect your DLA at all as for other benefits it's not easy to advise without all your information

    You may get the housing element of UC try putting in a rent amount in the calculator see if it changes 

    You will also be entitled to child benefit once eligible and child element of Uc 

    You need to get some expert advice from CAB or welfare rights 

    There are a lot of elements to your question that are all just in the future at this time 

  • cammz
    cammz Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Thanks guys, I'll look into it ?
  • Adrian_Scope
    Adrian_Scope Posts: 8,596 Scope online community team
    edited January 2021
    Hi @cammz

    It sounds as though you have a few deductions on your UC at the moment as you should be receiving a little more than you are for your standard allowance and LCWRA combined.

    Are either your or your partner 25 or over? Do you know whether your partner will receive SMP (statutory maternity pay) or MA (maternity allowance)?

    There are two rates of the standard element for couples depending on your age. If either of you is 25 or older you would receive £594.04 for your standard allowance (£488.59 if you're both under 25) and then £341.20 for your LCWRA.

    The rent element would depend on your housing costs. Would you be moving into your partner's current home or finding a new place to live together? If you rent privately you'd be entitled to the 1 bedroom rate for your area (you can see this amount here: and once the baby has arrived this will increase to the 2 bedroom rate. If you would be renting via the council or a housing association your full rent would be added to your UC award, minus any bedroom tax or rent-free weeks. 

    This total (standard allowance, LCWRA, housing) would then have deductions based upon your partner's wages/maternity pay. Once the child has arrived a child element would be added of £235 a month. 

    Do you know which rates of DLA you are receiving currently?

    *Just a note to add, all of these amounts are set to change in April 2021
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