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New government scheme to improve housing of vulnerable people

AlexJ201 Community member Posts: 3 Listener
Hi guys,
Going through the past 11 months in the UK has been challenging for everyone. The numerous lockdowns that we've had have impacted us all differently. With the vast majority of the population staying in their homes more than ever before, it has meant that energy usage across the UK has shot up, and with it the carbon footprint.
And as the government has a goal of reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2030, they have started to seriously roll out some schemes to improve certain households' efficiency.
The funding comes in form of an E.C.O Grant, in essence, it's work done to make houses more efficient and warmer, all paid for by the biggest energy companies (think British Gas, SSE, etc) all because the government has mandated them to do so.
Below are some links which explain what the scheme is and tell you a little bit more about it too.
Full disclosure, I work on commission by finding people who will qualify for one of these grants.

Please comment or private message me if you would like to find out more and get the ball rolling!


  • newborn
    newborn Community member Posts: 830 Pioneering
    That is so interesting, that you are involved with the scheme.  You are sure to know the bad history of such  things as people being ruined by cavity wall insulation which either was badly done or in many cases was done when it was not the correct thing to do to the property.
    This scheme may well be trying harder to avoid cowboys..
    On the other hand, Radio 4 and many other journalists have highlighted a lot of problems such as delay in 'vouchers' and delay in paying builders, so some of them have been ruined.  Very little goes smoothly in this world, does it?
    In every such scheme, the powerful who chuck public funds around may assume  it is good to use public funds to improve value of their own houses, reduce bills of their own houses,   They don't remember some peasants live in flats, some live in privately, repeat privately, rented homes, (only a minority are in 'social housing).  The policy makers can rent a suite at the Dorchester any time they need to. 

     Not all of us can easily, or at all, get even a bed sitter to  privately rent, let alone a secure home where we can stamp our feet and demand building works be authorised.   The legal right to 'force' private landlords to do anything must be red alongside the landlord's legal right to put the tenant on the street with eight week's notice..    The insulation for those living in shop doorways, cars, bus shelters  or other people's sofas is not good.   One of these days it would be good to explain that having a theoretical 'legal right' to pick a quarrel with a private landlord is exactly the same as a theoretical ability to rent that suite in the Dorchester.   


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