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josie1979 Member Posts: 2 Listener
Hello, i’m new to this so go easy? I’m actually writing for my 11 year son.When he was 5 he first developed a blinking tic, we ignored it and it lasted about a week then went away. Over the years he has developed clearing of the throat tic, another couple of blinking episodes but never lasted more then a couple of weeks from what i remember. I figured that he would probably have tics come and go in his life after these experiences. In December he started snorting but not very much and just every now again, so didn’t think anything of it, but over the last two weeks he has started snorting like a pig all the time all day every day. It is a vocal tic i’m sure and got worse after he went to the dentist to start the process of getting his brace so i think that contributed for sure. My worry this time is it will not go away, what advice does anyone have and any similar experiences you can share. It’s sounds awful but it’s difficult to ignore and when he goes back to school i fear for him as it’s loud. Any advice would be appreciated.




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