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SwitchBot - Make almost any device smart

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This product has been around for a couple of years now, just now, everyone has a smart speaker (Alexa/Google home).

The smart home scene has really taken off, you may have some devices that have to be switched on by pressing a button after a smart-plug has switched on the power to a device.

If you're ever faced with this dilemma of having old pieces of technology that need to be switched on by pressing a button then there's a solution available.

Introducing the Smartbot - You also need the SmartCloud add-on if you want this switch to d additional tasks.

You can stick this small device next to your devices on button, from an app on your smartphone you can command this device to extend its arm that will in turn press the button.

You can connect this device to accept commands from your Google Home or Amazon Alexa, to achieve this you must buy a 'Switchbot' hub

These items cost:

1. [Removed by moderator - advertising link]

2.If you want Smart speaker am IFTTT integration - [removed by moderator - advertising link]

This is a very simple solution for bringing old appliances into the present smart home age.

[Removed by moderator - advertising link]

Do you know of any information 'life-hacks'?