Disability aids and equipment
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dkb123dkb123 Member Posts: 121 Pioneering
I don't know if I am in the right room but I have a problem which is rather complicated the Story is 

Last year I was in contact with the CAB  for some benefit enquires and during the intercourse of the conversation they suggested that I might be eligible for a grant to replace my Wheelchair, I said that what I really needed was a Scooter because I wanted to get to the West End, [I live in East London] under my own steam, this would mean one the had a long-range and was capable of being on the road[8mph]

They said they would look into it, and they came back and said that they had found a Trust willing to fund one 
The only problem was that they needed an OT report, and this was during Lockdown , and the Local Authority could not provide one so they trawled around and found a well-known organisation to do one for me , which was fine and she came and reported, 
The problem was that I would be allocated a 4 wheeled one which was the pavement [4mph] ones and did a range of 12 miles, I needed a 3 wheeled one,8mph and 20-mile range 

They said it was not their policy to supply 3 wheels as they were in their opinion unsafe 

So I said that I wanted to wait until I could get the one I wanted, which was £4oo cheaper than theirs
It's not their money, it is  the funders they only supplied the OT report and now they want to force me into the make and model they want, on to me, I feel like I am being bullied 

We are at a standoff, They say to take it or level it, 

I suggested to the CAB worker that we find another organisation to apply again on my behalf and find a charity that we could funnel the money from the trust bypassing the one that is being obstructive,

I am really getting nowhere and it's taken over a year to get to this impasse

3wheeled scooters are very safe and you need the speed to go on the road , but they are just blocking and are not listening 

Any comments  Welcome  


  • newbornnewborn Member Posts: 657 Pioneering
    Can you look at second hand?
  • dkb123dkb123 Member Posts: 121 Pioneering
    The offer is a new one, there is no cash alternative 
  • littleacornlittleacorn Member Posts: 138 Courageous
    My thought was surely the 3 wheeled scooter you want has some kind of quality mark to make it safe on the road? If you can find that and the one for the scooter the OT suggests you should have then you may have an arguement. 

  • dkb123dkb123 Member Posts: 121 Pioneering
    yes, the 3 wheeled ones comply with all the regulations, their reply is that it is not their policy to supply them 
  • littleacornlittleacorn Member Posts: 138 Courageous
    @dkb123 can this not be challenged siting the information above?
  • dkb123dkb123 Member Posts: 121 Pioneering
    the problem is who would be challenged, the funders are a collection of charities, the caseworkers are employed by another and the referral came from the  CAB, the main one is saying take or leave it, although the need is still there, I think it is just them imposing their policies on people regardless of the wishes of the client, should I officially complain but to who?
  • littleacornlittleacorn Member Posts: 138 Courageous
    @dkb123funders usually approve an application based on some evidence from a professional source. If the main issue stopping the funders allocating you the finances is the OT report then I would find something which contradicts the report. It might be that you first query the policy of the OT and ask what information/evidence the policy was based on and put your arguement against this. I am not an expert on this just saying what I would do if I was not happy with the outcome. It is not a quick fix and will take time to get an answer especially in these times.
  • dkb123dkb123 Member Posts: 121 Pioneering
    I think that may be a useful  line to follow 
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