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Please advise ASAP!

gabriel336 Community member Posts: 24 Connected
Dear community please can anyone help me with this matter. I have been informed by a workman he is coming to do electrical repairs on 12th February with 2 other workmen. Not only will we have a very vulnerable child who is severely disabled at home with her 4 year old twin sister during a lock down. We will have no electricity or heating on as it will be turned of by the mains. This workman insisting on coming that day Friday 12th also the following weekdays starting Monday 15th etc. These are minor electrical problems have been here since we moved in and we have had several electricians out to get quotes over this period sent by the letting agent. We live in a private rented home. 
In October or November 2020. This particular electrician has been given the job by the letting agents. When he come to price the work the arrangement was agreed he would arrive at 930am as the twins were in nursery. He turned up at 8am when we were up the wall feeding the children and getting ready. He was very rude and lied saying that he told us that it was arranged for 8am and demanded to be shown around our home. I turned him away He again turns up without any prior notice to us. and asked him to come back.  He said he wouldn’t come back as he was far to busy... 
12pm same day... He again turns up without any prior notice to us as we were again trying to prepare lunch trying to entertain a highly energetic child and comfort a very stiff one with cerebral palsy also visually impaired and none verbal with complex needs.
As if nothing had happened in the morning now I feel not only was he unprofessional and rude, it is very strange behaviour indeed. He started to bad mouth the original electricians who assessed the house because they checked everything including the loft which has the boiler in.  
I understand that the repairs need doing and it’s up to the landlords agent to give the job out. My concern is having 3 strangers in our home during a pandemic with a vulnerable child and her twin. We having no means of keeping warm or cooking for them and we have no we’re to go because of the restrictions. 
Any advice or information gratefully welcome. 
Sorry for the long rant but I have no one else to turn to xxx


  • gabriel336
    gabriel336 Community member Posts: 24 Connected
    ps I don’t know if I have posted to the right  group! Xx
  • janer1967
    janer1967 Community member Posts: 21,964 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi and welcome 

    It doesn't matter where you post si dont worry about that 

    Have you spoken to your landlord about this and explained your situation 

    Maybe the landlord needs to specify to the contractor that visits need to be notified in advance 

    As for the upcoming work I understand your concerns but other than not allow access I'm not sure what you can do and this may affect your tenency agreement 

    Can you prepare food and drinks in advance not ideal I know 

    I thought you can still have childcare in lockdown is the nursery still open for special needs care ? 

    Sorry I've not been much help others may have more advice 
  • Cressida
    Cressida Community member Posts: 994 Connected
    @gabriel336 Perhaps you should speak to your landlord and he can liaise with the workmen. 

  • MissA83
    MissA83 Community member Posts: 21 Listener
    Hi Gabriel336,

    Have you spoken to your landlord and told them your circumstances?
    They should take your situation into account.
    The electrician seems very odd. If your landlord has a letting agent aren't they suppost to give you reasonable adjustments with regard to your children?

    I hope that is helpful. I feel that non disabled people don't understand what it is like for disabled people and I find it very frustrating trying to makenon disabled people understand my situation especially with regard to the Covid-19 situation.


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