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Hi my name is...

Cress Member Posts: 1,012 Pioneering
There's an awful lot of 'hi, my name is....'hi, my name is....'
Will the real slim shady please stand up?


  • Ami2301
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    I shouldn't laugh but this did make me chuckle :)
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  • coylygirl
    coylygirl Member Posts: 283 Pioneering
    Hi my name is Nic and I have Bipolar Affective Disorder - the lovely acronym is BAD.  After a relationship break up, where the police were involved, I had a major relapse and became very manic.  This put the fear of the goddess into me as I had an extreme episode 10 years ago that ended up with me psychotic and sectioned for over 2 months, forcibly injected, restrained and all that good stuff. 

     Fast forward to today and the support I have received is nothing short of incredible.  The crisis team were with me within 24 hours with diazepam to slow down the mania and its physical effects.  Brain took a little longer to settle but my new meds regime seems to be slowly kicking in.

    My one fear is that I will be sectioned but the crisis team have said that they will do everything to prevent that and I have now decided that if I become a danger to myself or others I will become a voluntary patient.

    It's early days and I'm still in crisis but the team are making a plan for my continued treatment that involves a CPN and psychiatrist and in the long term some form of talking therapy,

    I have had 3 productive days and am getting support from family, friends and neighbours but I'm not taking the mickey and allowing them to come to me.  We talk about normal things unless they ask me about my condition and I am completely honest with both lay people and professionals, 

    I have basically been ill for over 10 years and it's now time to mend.

    Thank you for reading this and I trust it may give a glimmer of hope to other sufferers.


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