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How are you coping during lockdown

harryl78 Member Posts: 8 Listener
Hey im harry I'm a wheelchair user and blues guitarist if anyone wants free lessons message me online lessons as with the virus 


  • deanna
    deanna Member Posts: 17 Connected
    Its been rather stressful at times but a big lesson in adaptability lol. 

    I have a school age son (specialist school) so remote learning has been fairly stressful, not because he doesn't want to work but because it wasn't really set up very well by the school.  It is getting better though.  And having said that, I thank goodness for my son's keyworker.  She's the only person I talk to at all, otherwise I wouldn't talk to a soul.  She's so nice and understanding (both my son and I are autistic, i have some health problems as well that have all been neglected in this year of Lockdown and getting worse so caused a few problems).

    Sometimes you just grit your teeth after a slap in the face because you need something you can't get (and the people you are talking to don't realise not everyone has a car or can wander round huge supermarkets) and hunt on the net until a compromise solution occurs.  Or you just have to say occasionally  "I will sort that out after Lockdown" and be very grateful isolation is protecting you from Covid.
  • Susanfelix
    Susanfelix Member Posts: 17 Connected
    My mobility scooter broke down just after Christmas and I was told it can't be fixed. I need a new one but I can't afford one. I have been trapped at home ever since! I have had no one to talk to except myself and I'm starting to get cabin fever!
  • harryl78
    harryl78 Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Start a go fund a new scooter page, that's wrong it can't be fixed its a health aid I'd call the company I have a green power scooter they came out during lockdown and changed tyres 
  • coylygirl
    coylygirl Member Posts: 283 Pioneering
    I had depression throughout the pandemic, not washing, dressing or even cleaning my teeth for weeks at a time, but I didn't recognise it as I was still (sort of) functioning.  I had a major trauma 2 weeks ago (relationship break up, nasty) and had a major bipolar relapse - mania.  I'm being looked after and supported by the crisis team and friends/family on Facebook and by phone but have been advised not to leave the house alone.  I am trying to distract myself with to do lists which I am slowly working my way through.  This forum helps tremendously and the feedback I get is very soothing  <3

  • harryl78
    harryl78 Member Posts: 8 Listener
    You can get a scooter on the motability scheme
  • harryl78
    harryl78 Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Coylygirl# I too have suffered with depression and anxiety I find music helps as I both listen and perform, breathing techniques too, but in the end I had to be pit on mitrazapine which so far has worked for anxiety the funny thing waa I didn't feel anxious I had a heartbeat sound in my ear and just felt out of sorts at times lost loads of weight and couldn't gain any thankfully im better now, I hope u manage to pull through.  I would put small manageable goals like getting up at 8am and showering then breakfast while watching my fav programmes the body and mind love routine unfortunately if your living with pain or discomfort or any chronic illness this can be very hard but I kept it up n feel much better. Social isolation is a big part of depression I find so reachboiy even on Facebook there's loads of groups to chat to people 
    Regards harry
  • Tori_Scope
    Tori_Scope Posts: 8,195

    Scope community team

    Some fantastic advice here, thanks for sharing @harryl78 :) I'm glad you're feeling better now. 
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  • harryl78
    harryl78 Member Posts: 8 Listener
    No problem ive had a colourful life shall we say im a blues guitarist n had a drink n coke problem been to rehab got better fell in love it fell apart so did I 3 years ago but ive been sober for 2 years now 


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