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EHCP - Challenging the decision

JoannaD Member Posts: 2 Listener
edited February 2021 in Education
Our son is in Year 6 with EHCP in place. During the review of EHCP we have been asked for our preference for secondary school. Unfortunately our L.A. Did not name our choice in the final plan and instead named another school. We are unhappy with that choice and as I understand we need to challenge that decision.
I have two part question to those whom perhaps been in this situation before:
- Do we decline the placement offered and then challenge the decision in Tribunal (Should we need to go that far), or should we accept the offer and ask
to be put on waiting list for our preferred school?
- What would be best way to argue the fact that the school proposed by the Council is not good enough based on their exam results? Our son is academically able and we have hope that he will study further. However the school offered by the council does only 3 core GCSES and the none core subjects do not match my sons interest at all. 
The school that we have chosen offers everything he needs to study further if he wishes to in the future. 



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