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What a lovely ME day

coylygirl Member Posts: 283 Pioneering
Well I've had a lovely day.  9 hours sleep and not woken by phone, doorbell or alarm as has been the norm lately.  Pottered around for a bit then showered, dressed and cleaned teeth (and I can go 3 weeks without doing any of those things).

Clonazepan to take the edge off, then a visit from my support workers.  We had a laugh as I showed them my new slogan tea mugs and a serious chat about the way ahead.  There are so many of them I have to give them Nick names - Kelly Clarkson, and Geri Haliiwell attended today; and Lunch delivered by a lovely young man (Giant Yorkshire with roast).

 Got a bit jittery as I'm no longer allowed my lunch time sedative, so pottered some more and rang friends.  Then out of the blue, a neighbour I don't know knocked on the door asking if I was still after an Air Fryer.  Turns out he got one as a gift but it's too small for 2 people.  Wouldn't take anything for it, so I'll get a gift and a card for them, prob a bottle of prosecco (original). 

Then another neighbour brings cake!  So loved and blessed.  Who needs a violent, sociopath ex-partner to enjoy V (or ME) day! 

Thanks for reading and hope you had a joyful day whether you're in a relationship or a singleton,  Big  loves  <3



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