Mental health issues
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Sad news regarding my mental illness can’t really deal with it

cupcake88cupcake88 Member Posts: 952 Pioneering
Hi every one as I mentioned before I had a huge relapse and was put back under the crisis team as well as still being under my community team . My actual mental health nurse came out to see me from the community team she’s known me now since last April . When I was referred to the mental health services I was diagnosed with anxiety , ocd ptsd  with episodes of pychosis due to trauma.

My nurse told me that she’s had a meeting with the senior  nurse And pychiatrist And they have said that pychosis   is the main mental illness I have now I still have the anxiety and ocd and ptsd but the pychosis has taken over they have said it’s unlikely this will get better with therapy and medication as they originally thought they have said I’ll be on anti pychotic meds from the rest of my life . 

And that I need to understand how I’ll iam and make sure I interact with the Mental health services and make sure I’m taking all my meds one of the meds will be given to be in a injection form which my nurse will come out and give to me . 

They have said I can do therapy at some point but not for another year or so as there saying I have got worst since last year so Meds are going up . 

She said There’s a chance I could return to work in the near future but only a part time low  
in stress job she said people with pyschosis  do struggle to work or hold a job down . 

It makes me so sad to hear that that my illness is mainly pyschosis now I don’t even like the word . I’m feeling so down and hopeless after my nurses visit . Feeling really down I struggle to accept my illness as it to now hear this news is hard I’m not feeling good at all . 


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