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coylygirlcoylygirl Member Posts: 275 Pioneering
Feeling very hyper - but not manic - today. I put it down to the medics gradually withdrawing my clonazepan. Got so much done, Cleared out all my cupboards and sorted out all the stuff I no longer want to raise funds for the Samaritans (I'm doing the 310000 Steps in March challenge) so that should boost my total. Feel motivated to cook dinner and do the dishes in a bit. The trouble is I've also posted on the village Fb page about wanting to set up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. Worried that I'm doing too much. Plus I have the police coming round Wednesday to talk about my ex-partner's domestic abuse. That should bring some closure to the break-up that started this episode in the first place. Oh, and getting a hamster as a service pet too! Sorry if I'm rambling, but that's just the way I'm rocking at the moment. Got the CAB talking to me about PIP forms tomorrow morning and then thankfully the Crisis Team coming out in the afternoon. Gonna be a late one tonight methinks. Hope you are all doing ok, stay safe in mind, body and spirit 3


  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Testing team Posts: 7,998

    Scope community team

    Hi @coylygirl, it sounds like you've been very busy! Be careful not too take on too much. I have a tendency to do that and then suffer from burn out as a result. 
    How are you feeling today? Did you meeting with CAB go well this morning? Best of luck with the Crisis Team this afternoon. :)
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  • coylygirlcoylygirl Member Posts: 275 Pioneering
    Thanks Adrian, I know all about burnout, ut fortunately the sedatives are  helping me to sleep.  I trust they will put a plan in place for whtn they have to withdraw them.  Just to complicate matters further I rang Nieghbourhood Watch today to ask how much work was involbed and the lady wasn't helpful at all.  As I was ending the call, I muttered 'Rude' so I think she got the message.  That is definitely a plan for the back-burner.  The CAB meeting went well and the advisor is sending me a letter with all the infor I need to complete the PIP form.  I'm more relaxed today and still trying to catch up o Corrie!  Looking forward to seeing the Crisis Team soon, the're usually very productive.  Take care and stay well  :)
  • janer1967janer1967 Member Posts: 11,135 Disability Gamechanger
    Wow you have been busy it must be good to have a clear out more room for new stuff 

    Have a good afternoon  
  • coylygirlcoylygirl Member Posts: 275 Pioneering
    Oh don't encourage me, I'm going for the minimalist look!  You have a good afternoon too 
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