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Looking for information on rehoming a dog

izaiza Member Posts: 471 Pioneering
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Hi, I am looking for information about rehoming my dog.

I received a dog  a year ago. He is mix of Border Colli with German Shepard and likes to be out quiet a lot. I live in two bedroom flat without balcony and no garden. I cannot cope with high dog demand of being a lot outside. I take him out about 4x a day. Sometimes for longer walks at least 2x a day + 2 shorted including chance for dog play and interact with others dog. However, I feel that it is a bit too much for me as I am single mum juggling life anyone as no family in U.K. After a year without a day of longer sleep and any rest I am getting to point I cannot simply carry on more.

I would like to consider perhaps to find more suitable place for dog to live when he will be more happy to put his gathering skills into life than stacking with me who find hard to go with his own flow of being out and about. Please do not be judgmental as I received this dog as a king of unexpected surprise a year ago. I did my best to make him a home but at the moment I just getting a bit frustrated not be able to go with demands of long walks. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or recommendations of places that can take-in dogs. Thank you Iza

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  • CressidaCressida Member Posts: 834 Pioneering
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    @iza please don't advertise your dog online like this. You really don't know who would be taking it and for what purpose. If you really cannot look after him any longer contact your local dogs home. A border collie should never be housed in a flat, they need a garden and loads of exercise. 

    Try somewhere like this

  • Tori_ScopeTori_Scope Posts: 4,989

    Scope community team

    Hi @iza :) 

    Just to let you know, I've repurposed your post slightly so that it's focussed on finding somewhere that can take your dog, rather than asking our members whether they know of anyone who might be able to take-in a dog. This is because we don't allow advertising on the community, and it also wouldn't be advisable to pass your pet on to a stranger over the internet, as Cressida pointed out. 

    Dogs Trust have some useful information on rehoming your dog, which you might like to read. Is there a Dogs Trust near you? 
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  • cupcake88cupcake88 Member Posts: 950 Pioneering
    Hi there as @Cressida mentioned please don’t advertise your self as there people out there that are not wanting a dog for genuine kind reasons . 
    I would google non kill
    shelters . I have heard that the rspca actually put dogs down if they can’t rehome them . So avoid the rspca . 

    Dogs trust is great as recommended above also google local rehoming centres . If You wanted to let me know what area your roughly in . I would be happy to google and find some local  dog homes that are local to you that would be willing to help . 
    A lot of homes make it really hard for people to adopt which is good as they only get genuine serious adopters that way . Local homes are good place to start . 

  • cupcake88cupcake88 Member Posts: 950 Pioneering
    Let us know how you get on x 
  • deb74deb74 Member Posts: 763 Pioneering
    I agree with everyone else on this. The dogs trust are brilliant as they don't put dogs down. 
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