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Tips you may find helpful (what I went threw being bullied in the work place for being disabled )

cupcake88 Posts: 1,240 Pioneering
Hi there I just want to clarify I’m not expert in law or any thing like I’m not really a expert in any thing ha but I have seen a few posts and comments regarding having A disability and regarding work . And wanted to share this with you all . 

Some of you may know I suffer with mental illness I currently am not able to work . 

I did have a job last year I had to quit it after 5 weeks because of the extreme bullying I faced by staff , management and the owners . They all knew About my disability I had mentioned on my application form , my interview and filled out a health questionnaire I was told they would support me blah blah , I was there for a short time but each shift was made hell  for me I was called the most disgusting insulting names , I had staff purposely lock me in rooms and take bets on how long it would take for me to have a panic attack yes these were actually grown adults doing this , I won’t go into all the details but I went threw a lot  which was ...

harassment , bullying , they also failed to make response adjustments , discrimination arising from disability because there were aware of my disability and treated be badly because I was disabled . 


Who advise me on this which was so helpful  so I knew what titles to put what happened under when I raised grievance . I did raise grievance with the manage who pretty much told me  I was over reacting and mental illness isn’t real and that I should snap out of it that’s what she actually told me she was so horrible so I went to the owners and I got the most horrible response by the owners they told me that they don’t care , they said they haven’t got time to have staff there with disabilities this is what was written in the email and that people with disabilities are a inconvenience that’s what she said she also said that I should just quit or shake my illness off and get on with work , so of course I responded with I will not get returning and that I will be taking it further . 

I think the company clearly underestimated me 
and people should never underestimate a survivor . 

I did get some free legal advice but I was told it wasn’t a huge case that I could get free legal help with so I took it upon my self I knew it would cause me to possibly get worse but I couldn’t get out of my head how badly I was being treated I knew that there are  other people with disabilities going threw this . So I wanted to take a stand So this was the process I then went threw . 

I raised grievance with there head of HR 
she responded saying she would respond to me when she got round to it .

so I then contacted Acas and they contacted Me to ask if I wanted to take part on a Early conversation with them via acas to avoid it going further I did tell acas I wanted an amount that I thought was fair my previous place of work they said they wanted to think bout if they wasted a whole month telling acas they would think bout it to then be told no they didn’t want to settle out of court . 

I then with help from my nurse and my partner wrote every thing up as I had to apply to take them to tribunal . Then then decided to ask the tribunal for a extension . 

Then at the end of the extension they wrote the response which was just so horrible and untruthful , I knew they had treated me wrong and I was never going to get a sorry from them so the best way is to hit these companies in there pockets they did end up settling out of court just before the pre hearing . All tho the money came in hand it wasn’t all about money it was bout standing up for what’s right and I feel like I learnt so much going threw that that I will take with me and be able to help others . 

I just wanted to let you all know  that If you feel reasonable adjustments could be made to help you in the work place then please put this in writing to your employer if you don’t get the response you was hoping for them you do have the rights to take it further please don’t feel like you should have to accept what they say if you feel there’s some thing that could make your life easier at work . 

Also if you feel you are being discriminated at work even if you feel you are discriminated at a interview you have the rights to take it further . I hope I’m ok doing a post like this like I said I’m not legal expert but feel it could help others . 



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