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Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Benefits

Timcar Community member Posts: 15 Listener
Hi there-I’m new to this site and have spent a couple of hours getting used to it and am well impressed!
In addition to restricted mobility due to ankle injury and surgery, I’ve also had a couple of DVTs both of which were accompanied by Pulmonary Embolisms which have caused respiratory problems . Things aren’t great but I’ve lost weight and have improved my nutrition and I know this helps a lot of physical symptoms. My main issue at present is Generalised Anxiety; the anxiety is accompanied by OCD so when I focus on an issue in my life that causes anxiety it is exascerbated by the OCD. 
Surprisingly, my recurrent anxiety at present is over finances. I’m in receipt of Universal Credit and in limited capability for work and work-related activity. Although I can access the online account and journal OK, I find Universal Credit to be a stressful benefit to be on, mainly because it’s a mixture of 6 legacy benefits. The staff who send messages via the online journal are respectful and I think do their jobs to the best of their abilities, but it’s the actual Universal Credit IT system that scares me. 

Anyway, the question I wanted to ask is- “Has anyone had problems receiving National Insurance Credits when claiming Universal Credit? I have had a continuous claim for Universal Credit and should have been awarded NI Credits all the while. However, they have not been credited to me and I am confused about how to proceed. The HMRC say it’s a DWP error; the DWP say it’s HMRC responsibility. If anyone has any advice on what to do-even if it means officially complaining to DWP and/or HMRC about the error then that’s fine. I’d just really appreciate any info or signposting as it’s a slightly tricky one.

Many Thanks and Stay Safe

PS-I had the first dose of Pfizer vaccine 13 days ago and it was absolutely fine-a little tired afterwards but very similar to flu vaccine.


  • Adrian_Scope
    Adrian_Scope Posts: 11,138 Scope online community team
    Hi @Timcar. Have you had any update to getting your NI credits sorted? I've seen quite a few people indicate  similar problems so would be interested to know how you get on. 

    With regards to the UC IT system, is there something specific that concerns you about it? 

    Glad to hear you got on alright with your Pfizer vaccine! :)

    Community Manager
  • Timcar
    Timcar Community member Posts: 15 Listener
    Hi Adrian
    After seeking advice from Scope helpline, I was advised my issue-the crediting Of NI Credits-was an HMRC issue. I went to the relevant section in my Government Gateway account and sent an online form-it could only be sent as a complaint-to the NI section. I received confirmation of my complaint and was informed they had sent the complaint to the DWP who would be contacting me soon. Have heard nothing as yet but they still have a few working days to get back to me. Will update you when I hear further -finding it extremely stressful as UC have informed me in writing that their records are up to date and they “cannot comment” as to reason HMRC did not automatically credit my NI record with these credits.
  • Timcar
    Timcar Community member Posts: 15 Listener
    Will contact MP if I get no success 
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