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PIP report change in address help

SweetMaz Member Posts: 1 Listener
hey my son is on PIP and has a renewal, he did move into his own house around a year ago, but I deal with all his mail, money, medication and even making his meals, his has depression and severe anxiety,  thought finally him getting his new home may help but he remains the same doesn't leave his home at all due to his anxiety never answers the door and doesn't even attend family social events his anxiety is that bad, he doesn't go anywhere unless I am with him he has had several panic attacks, deal with everything about his life and just realize now that I you have to report if you change address the problem is I didn't report it as I deal with his mail for him as he would never open his own mail, he has been on PIP since 2018 moved into a new home around 2020, idunno what to do here as if the mail goes to his home, he will not open anything ever, what should I do here, when he attended his PIP meeting in 2018 the woman did lie on 2 of his questions he told her I deal with all his money buy his clothes, food and deal with his bills and I deal with all his medication from phoning for his repeat prescription to going to get it for him and making sure he takes it, the woman lied on her report saying that he deals with all his finances and medicationhe got the standard rate so I am very worried about this new possible meeting coming up I know not all of the assessors will be like this bad not a good experience, anywayz sorry for the big rant i just need to know will it be ok to tell them during the meeting that he lives on his own but his mailing address is listed as mine so i can deal with his mail


  • janer1967
    janer1967 Member Posts: 16,428 Disability Gamechanger

    Is his address that is on his PIP your home address? So at least you see his post 

    You could apply to be his appointee then everything will come to you to deal with but you will need to show he lacks capacity to deal with his own claim 
  • Adrian_Scope
    Adrian_Scope Posts: 8,578 Scope online community team
    Hello @SweetMaz. If you're not his appointee, I believe you do need to update them with his address. If you're worried about him not opening post or handling the claim correctly, it would be worth you looking at becoming his appointee so that it can be sent directly to you. It'll make it easier for you to call and discuss his claim with them that way too. 

    Did you/he ever challenge the last decision? I know it can be a worry when you have an upcoming assessment but it's important to remember you'll always read more negative than positives online as people mostly reach out when they need help, not when everything runs smoothly. It may be that when filling in the forms this time you could look at giving a few more examples and detail/evidence as to how you manage his finances and medication. For example, what would happen if you hadn't? Has he ever attempted it alone? What would he do without your help?
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