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30hr Childcare/LCWRA + PT employment


I was wondering if someone could help me work out if our 3 year old daughter is entitled for 30 hours free childcare? If not, why? Are we eligible for any other childcare support beyond the current 15 free hours?

I receive LCWRA within my wife’s and mine joint UC claim. I also receive PIP daily living element. My wife is entitled to carers allowance and we are currently waiting to hear back for the application we put in 3 weeks ago. My wife also works 10 hours per week and is paid £291.50 monthly (£67.27 weekly).

Is our 3 year old daughter entitled to 30 hours free childcare? If not, why? Are we eligible for any other childcare support beyond the current 15 free hours?

Thank you


  • calcotti
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    edited March 2021
    As you are on UC has your wife reported that she cares for you. She is entitled to the carer element in UC without the need to claim CA. If CA is awarded it will be deducted from the UC. There is therefore no financial gain from claiming CA but your wife will get Class 1 NI credits.

    Note that although CA has an earnings limit of £128/week there is no earnings limit in connection with the carer element of UC. 

    Don’t know the answer to your childcare question. Possibly this website will help
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  • chiarieds
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    Hi @markoniuk - & welcome to the community. Looking at the government's website it looks like your wife's wages would be insufficient to claim 30 hours free childcare. Please see: https://www.gov.uk/30-hours-free-childcare


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