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Being creative and creating awareness

Richard_Scope Posts: 3,176 Scope online community team
Poetry or any type of creative task/hobby is a good way for us to look after our mental wellbeing. Over the past year, we have learned how important self-care can be.

Daniel Kay is a poet who lives with CP. He has kindly shared one of his poems. You can find out more about Daniel and his work at Home | DK4poetry

Love Letter To Spring

If I could write Spring a love letter, I'd tell her that I couldn't stop thinking about her from September to March.
Each morning, I woke with the leftover dream of her singing Hozier and making banana pancakes. Coffee was my 8 am job.
The monochrome flies in the face of the fields' vivid colours; Lavender, marigold, juniper.
We jump into the reflecting pool
of my most beloved season, and sit
at the bottom, making friends with catfish and moss. They both
wish Sunday lasted a few
moments longer, like blooper scenes.
If I could write Spring a love letter,
I'd assure her that the weeping willow roots carved our story into the Earth before we could sit in a moment, knowing of its gravity.
She wishes me luck and doesn't
need Facebook to remember my birthday, and surprises each of my trips around
the sun with a basket of fresh strawberries.
Oh, I've missed her. The way a terrier misses its instinct to run through picket fences and tease forest animals with
it's tiny bark.
After she read my inked signature, I'd cue the robins to tweet in her synchronised childhood song,
the one her mother would use
to welcome the new day.

What are the hobbies or activities that have helped you or are there any that you would love to try?
Specialist Information Officer and Cerebral Palsy Programme Lead

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