What have you given up for Lent?

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Im  a practising Catholic and every year I fast, but you can give up anything you can deny yourself for Lent.  What have any of you who are Christian given up or done for almsgiving this Lent x 40 days leading up to Holy Week, the Triduum. I wish you all peace and love for Easter. X


  • woodbine
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     i'm sorry to say i'm not a christian but I would fight to defend anyone's right to be one x
  • Lisatho11987777
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    I am no longer a practicing Christian  but that's a lovely photo 
  • leeCal
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    As its Lent they said I could eat lightly or fast, I decided to eat fast.

    (Only joking, I’m actually over the age limit for fasting, peace be with you.)

  • Quinty
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    All lovely replies! Love to you all x
  • Tori_Scope
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    Did you give anything up for Lent @Quinty? I can't say I did. I do sometimes try to take something up, but not this year. 
  • Sandy_123
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    Hi @Quinty good luck on giving up for lent, I don't do it, 
  • Ross_Alumni
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    I gave up sarcasm...  So that's gone well!  ;)
    I needed this laugh on a Monday :D