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Renewal of Advisory Disabled Bay

YashYash Member Posts: 5 Connected
I currently have a have an Advisory Disabled Parking Bay and it's wearing out so I asked the council to renew it but they refuse because I have a dropped kerb outside my garage, which incidentally, is too small to house a car.
My garage is too far to walk to as, obviously, I am disabled and cannot walk too far; approximately 150 feet from my front door. I have appealed against their decision but they say I cannot appeal against their decision.
I have spoken to various charities but no one wants to know or they cannot help. 
I have spoken to the Citizen's Advice Bureaux and they've helped me out a bit but not much because they are limited in what they can do.
My local Councillor has not been very helpful and all she has managed to do is send me email addresses of other council members, I thought it was their duty to represent their constituents.
My property is situated outside a school and people will park anywhere and everywhere and if I go somewhere in my car people are courteous enough to not park on the ADB  or move away when I get there whereas they will refuse to move from my dropped kerb; I know from experience as I have lived at this address for 35 years.
I have told the council that I am willing to pay for the renewal of my parking bay but they still refuse.
I didn't think that a disabled person would have to go through this kind of humiliation and stress and inconvenience as I thought they would be more sympathetic and understanding.


  • littleacornlittleacorn Member Posts: 198 Pioneering
    Try going to the opposition councillor or potential opposition if you have one. Eg. If you have a conservative got to labour. What about the newspapers? 
  • YashYash Member Posts: 5 Connected
    I’ve considered all the options and yes I have considered newspapers and going to the MP but I didn’t think of going to the opposition so thank you for that 👍

  • YashYash Member Posts: 5 Connected
    Out of tiny acorns (little acorns) do mighty oaks grow 😂
    It’s a process of elimination and going up higher and higher up the ladder I’ve even considered a petition 
  • littleacornlittleacorn Member Posts: 198 Pioneering
    Go for it! My mantra is "Together we can succeed" let us know how you get on.
  • Tori_ScopeTori_Scope Posts: 4,986

    Scope community team

    edited April 1
    I did a bit of searching and it does seem as though the appeal options are limited when it comes to Advisory Disabled Bays unfortunately @Yash, and the criteria is quite strict. It seems strange that they'd refuse to renew it if nothing about your other parking options has actually changed. Did you have the full support of your neighbours when you got it initially? 
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