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My son has been told he'll now have to claim UC. Can he not stay on ESA and claim HB?

xxgaynorxxxxgaynorxx Member Posts: 30 Connected
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Hi. My son has been under mental health Act since 2013 and is currently due to leave residential care to live independently. Whilst in care he was only entitled to ESA. No SDP or living element of PIP. (Which he gets high for both).
So he has just signed for his new tenancy which is 100 yards down the road from his residential.
He has now been told he has to claim UC and he won't get SDP. 
The flat is a mess and the only grant he got was a fridge and a bed.  
Can he not stay on ESA and claim HB? And is there any other help he can receive. Tia. 


  • calcotticalcotti Member Posts: 2,252 Pioneering
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    I take it he does not get Housing Benefit now.

    New claims for Housing Benefit are not possible (except for a few specific types of accommodation).

    He can, if he can afford it, move into the new property on his existing ESA. Get the PIP Daily Living reinstated, then notify ESA and ask for the SDP to be added to ESA (assuming he will be living alone and no one claims Carer’s Allowance or carer element of UC for looking after him). If he then claims UC he will be entitled to the SDP transitional element in his UC claim (an extra £120/month).
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  • mikehughescqmikehughescq Member Posts: 6,644 Disability Gamechanger
    Let’s be clear. No-one “has to” claim UC. What actually being said is that he can’t make a new claim to HB for rent so if he wants help with housing costs then UC is one choice whilst paying it out of reinstated PIP and ESA is another. 

    If he wants help with housing costs then @calcotti is correct. Get the PIP back into payment and then, if he lives alone etc., get the SDP added in to the ESA. and only then claim UC. 

    Just claiming UC immediately would potentially condemn him, to years if far less money on UC.
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