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@janer1967 . Just to let you know that new drama we were discussing with Nicola Walker is not on till end of the year.  Will be aired on Alibi channel.She plays a Marine Homicide cop in Scotland.  It's based on a radio 4 drama of which she voiced Annika.  I know you like to keep up to date with tv lol


  • janer1967
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    Thanks for the update will look out for it 
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    Thanks for the update, sounds good :) 
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    I'll definitely have to remember to give it a watch @cazza6565 :) Thanks!
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    I know she's been on our screens quite a lot lately - but I do rate Nicola Walker as an actress. 

    Looking forward to this new drama, Annika. Shame it's not on until later on this year!

    Thanks very much for the heads-up about that one @cazza6565 :)