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Late signs of Autism

briancharles5612 Member Posts: 41 Connected
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Hi all,

My son has recently been diagnosed with severe ASD and as I’ve been doing my research I think I may be on the spectrum too, at a lower level.

One of the big signs for me is I hate my personal space being invaded. My wife took my phone off me to do something tonight and I almost freaked out as I thought she was doing something the wrong way and I was freaked out about not being able to control it.

I am a very intense person as well. I have always been seen as very blunt and sometimes I can lack empathy. I hate eye contact when talking and I look away a lot to think about what the person is saying. I also constantly talk over people and I really don’t mean to.

my concerns are if I could get a diagnosis from the NHS and also what would happen to my life if I did.

We live in a world where disability is still seen as a massive limitation. I know jobs that I would apply for in the future would discount me or I wouldn’t be taken seriously. It’s disgusting but sadly true.

I have a family to support and I don’t know if looking for an assessment is a selfish thing.

what do others think?


  • briancharles5612
    briancharles5612 Member Posts: 41 Connected
    Anyone who has had a late diagnosis and has an opinion would really help 
  • Ami2301
    Ami2301 Community Co-Production Group Posts: 7,946 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @briancharles5612 I can imagine that it wasn't easy to open up about your concerns, so I just want to thank you for doing that.

    Do I think you're selfish? No, i believe that everybody deserves answers, whether we actually get them is a different matter. What would happen to your life? I'm afraid that nobody would know the answer.

    I can relate to what you have said because i've been considering asking to be referred for an assessment. If it does become apparent that I am on the spectrum, i believe that it will help to answer the questions with regards to m past, rather than determine my future.

    How do you currently support your family? I don't expect you to answer this on a public forum but more of a rhetoric question. Ask yourself how a diagnosis would impact your current situation? 

    Hope this helps a little :) 
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  • briancharles5612
    briancharles5612 Member Posts: 41 Connected
    Thank you for that. Yeah it’s difficult, but like you would connect dots about my past.

    I’m the breadwinner and I’ve always worked in very “corporate” environments where sadly sometimes the stone age passed them by.
  • Cher_Inactive
    Cher_Inactive Posts: 4,414

    Scope community team

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    Hi @briancharles5612

    This is a difficult one and I'd always be led by my 'gut' as to which direction to take.   

    In no way would I consider pursuing a diagnosis selfish though, as if it were confirmed, you would benefit from greater self-awareness about what drives your feelings/actions and those around you would be able to understand you more too.  Should you go on to disclose it your employers they would be legally obligated to make reasonable adjustments to help  - please see Scope's webpage about Reasonable adjustments.   While, The National Autistic Society has a good guide on support at work for autistic people also.

    It's sad that the thought of prejudice from employers remains but try not to let this deter you from accessing support.  You are the priority here and there's much progress being made around employment and disability awareness.

    For your info, I've moved this thread to our Autism and Asperger's category.  Please let us know how you get on and good luck.  
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  • Rechnin
    Rechnin Member Posts: 82 Connected
    I am going through just this at the moment, as some on here might know, I was diagnosed with Autism (Asperger's) in January and so far my experience had not been great. My current employer's don't seem interested in working with me to the point where I am looking for employment elsewhere.

    I am hoping that the change will be good,


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