Autism and Aspergers
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Autism is positive and neurodiversity encompasses everyone, it helps my imagination as a writer

davegregson40davegregson40 Member Posts: 81 Pioneering
Autistic people like everyone has strengths and needs and my late diagnosis helped me understand and gave me the strength to help others. My workplace viewed it as a negative and despite being s supposed "disability confident" employer and "autism-friendly" workplace no one in management had any idea or interest in following employment law the Equality Act and had no idea what reasonable adjustments were. Autism is positive and it has helped me write my stories and get published. This is the next book project, out in a few weeks. 


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    What a great post @davegregson40 :)

    I love the title of your message, that your autism helps your imagination as a writer. Plus, both the title and the front cover of your book project are really eye-catching!

    I have so many questions for you, as well. Obviously, I'd be interested to know a bit more about what's behind the story of your book? Particularly given that it seems like you've taken some of your previous negative experiences and used writing as a way of turning things around into such a positive. Would that be right? And, forgive me, but you say that this is your next book project? Have you already had some of your work published?

    It would also be great to find out more about how you became a writer. I know that lots of people often have an ambition to write a novel, but never really get round to it. Do have any tips for aspiring writers in our community? 

    Looking forward to hearing more and maybe even having a read of The Secret Wild Wolves of Britain when it comes out :)
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