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Wanna rap battle me?

Cher_Inactive Posts: 4,414

Scope community team

You might not have noticed <ahem> but we really would like as many of you glorious lot as possible to fill in our annual online survey to help us better understand where, and how, we can improve our online community.

Now, there's nothing finer on a Friday afternoon if you ask me than a virtual rap battle and your challenge - should you accept it - is to write a better rap about the annual survey then I've done.  I mean, it will take some mighty effort to win... but you're welcome to try  :D 

<Starts ghetto blaster>

The annual survey comes but once a year,

And to the online community team you could bring hella cheer,

By filling it in, it just takes 10 mins,

To have your voice heard about what we could fix,

We want the community to be the best for you,

To keep you informed, supported and happy,

Like a winter’s day and beef stew,

So listen up while I’m spitting my lyrics,

If you complete it now, we’ll give you free virtual biscuits

<mic drop>

BOOOOM!!!  I await your lyrical challenges...  

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